The universe is information. We gather that information through our senses; utilize, process, and generate information with our minds; collect, distribute, and destroy information with our bodies.

“Knowledge” is the experience of information, and so is fundamental to the experience of the universe. It confines and creates the conditions and understandings that define a person. Veil or map, existence does not exist without it.


All things exist in relation to each other. We exist in relation to our environment; in relation to the objects and beings that fill that environment; and in relation to our knowledge of the universe, our selves.

“Respect” is the generative relationship between all things, and the primary consideration for the outcome of interaction. It guides our choices and establishes our positions and feelings in life.


The nature of existence is change. Forces on elementary and sophisticated levels propagating across dynamic systems, celestial to sociocultural, generate fluxes both chaotic and creative.

“Novelty” is the expression of newness in the universe. New configurations and orientations constantly arise from the existent ground of individual, social, and cosmic order. We are creatures of adaptation and craft.


All things are bound together by their existence. The appearance of the universe is of separate, discrete objects, energies, and fields, but reality is a whole. Despite the boundaries, entities exist in a state of convergence.

“Love” is the nature of this connection between things. The attraction of bodies, from cosmic to organic, chemical to cultural, is key to the world’s constant process of unfolding.

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